Day 3: When Husbands Wimp Out

Just truckin’ along, because I really liked this one, surprisingly enough (since it doesn’t apply yet). 

I enjoy having the opportunity to meditate on marriage and children before that stage of life has even come upon us. We have been blessed with a little more time to watch, pray and learn from other’s mistakes before we embark to make our own in the marriage phase of life. 

I can only imagine the multitude of conflicts that can arise in a partnership with someone of the opposite sex. I mean everything is different.

The story of Hannah and Elkanah hits very close to home for me. A wife who is seeking the Lord, and a husband who is okay with whatever the wife wants, letting her make the decisions. I embrace this time of singleness as a time to pray against passivity, in me and also in my future husband. I want a man who leans on God first so that I can lean on him. (Book plug: “Kingdom Man” by Tony Evans) I want to follow Christ’s leadership and follow a man who continually seeks Christ’s leading. Not the other way around. I have seen how that can break a woman’s hope and trust to have to lead her husband spiritually…and how it lessens the respect for your husband. 

Ending question: What are some of the most significant ways a husband can minister to his wife?

Be the pastor to his family, which requires him to be in the word and be a studier of the word, and more importantly to share what he is learning and lead his family in the way to study scripture. Be the leader and make decisions for the family with Christ’s purposes in mind. By seeking Christ first and being prayerful. Be a self-giving servant to his family: by giving his time, energy and his ALL. 

At the same time I am so encouraged by the faith of Hannah, and her courage to trust the Lord no matter what the cost!!! (Day 4)


Day 2

Man oh man! So thankful that I now have the study book and so ready for all that God is going to teach and reveal and how he will stretch me and I hope you two as well!
Excited to grow with you two.

Today I did Day 2: woof, I need some Jesus time in a big way. I’m feeling low and overwhelmed and just tapped out honestly. I don’t always feel this way, but today was that day. so… some wonderful things that I believe God had planned to share with me are:…

1) that with the first question … “what is the cost of not letting the Holy Spirit be in total control of my life?” – I believe that I am having insecurities all over the place!!!! Insecurities about who I am, how I am put together, where I am in life, and what my future could look like. (I know I am not alone in this, but of course have to voice and be honest to allow the vulnerability to let God stretch and change my heart.)
-> I love that this day pointed out the POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT 🙂

2) “Christ’s flawed family history serves as a continual reminder of the grace of God in my life.”
-I can often times use my crazy family life as a crutch to not be all that God has called me to be. I can become timid or distracted.

3) I do not tend to see my perfectionism as my human drive to take God’s place, so it was good to hear that struggle to be called a sin and a lack of trusting and resting in Christ. The reminder that this is paralleled with people and the Tower of Babel.

4) The point that she made with “on the surface God’s choice doesn’t make sense, but it doesn’t have to make sense He works on GRACE.”  (HUGE FOR ME TO GIVE TO GOD!!!)

5) Do not assume that to Follow HIM means to throw away who He has made you to be.
-> this may sound funny to you, but I wrestle a lot with what He is thinking having me go through nursing school and will it be a good fit – will I be where I need to be ?- should I have stayed working for the church? – am I trying to be someone I am not? – Did I run when things were just hard? – should I have been a better employee?

6) and lastly… “He found a heart tender to little lost sheep, and He showed Himself strong on behalf of that heart, just as He promised.”
-> oh the call the call to be faithful! LORD THAT I WOULD BE DAILY and have a tender heart and trust that you will show yourself (whatever that looks like) In Jesus name, Amen

I would love to look back at and talk through all that is happening surrounding the Chronicles 16:9 verse, because it seemed kinda thrown in and the Revelation 5:5 verse, along with Gen. 49:10. I just felt kinda like more information needed to be shared.

I pray that this day grows and stretches you as well. MUCH LOVE TO YOU BOTH – let’s discuss back and forth

Hey Ladies!

As we begin this… I just had to say how excited I am 🙂 and blessed that you two are willing to grow and learn with me. Also I did purchase a book:/ it is called Beth Moore David Seeking A Heart Like His Leader Guide:(

So I have been looking through it and it is all about facilitating and prepping for our journey, but does not seem to be what I was expecting at all:(

It was closer to the price that Shelby had said she found the book for and after reading what it was about. It sounded good:/ I am bummed. Thoughts on this. I saw we need to get rolling, so what if I were to make copies of the first week so we can get going and I guess I’ll have to purchase a different book or just make a few…. copies.


Journey through David: A man after God’s own heart.

1 Samuel 16:7

“Man does not see what the Lord sees, for man sees what is visible, but the Lord sees the heart.”

We will soon begin the 90 day journey of searching for a Heart like David’s.

And we ask you to read along with us, we will do a weekly study from Beth Moore’s “David: 90 Days with a Heart Like His”  Our heart is to seek the Lord and to dive deeper into scripture throughout this study.